debt management

The bond issue has been put on hold for the time being.

$3.5 billion in debt with just a snap of a finger. Governor Whitmere wanted to increase the gas tax by $0.45 a gallon. This proposal was so far out in space even the Democrats in the House and Senate couldn't back her on it. 

The Legislator through a bi-partisan effort passed a budget that funded road repairs and the entire state without any increased taxes. Governor Whitmer responded by line item veto of 147 budget items including roads, hospitals and schools. This was an historic first of so many veto items. The Legislator through bi-partisan support was able to override the more crucial items such as Deputy road patrol, hospitals and schools. 

Of the $3.5 billion she is taking out as a loan, very little if any money will be used to fund local roads and our district will see very little to nothing in benefit. We get to pay the loan but absolutely no return on investment! 

I want to take the ability away of any Governor to put us in debt without any accountability. This is such a huge financial decision that it should not be made by one person. It should have to go through the House and Senate also. 

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