We are an aging state and district. It is looking more likely that after completing the 2020 census that Michigan's average age will be slightly over 40 years old. We are already above 40 years old as an average age for District 59. 

We have seen a decrease of enrollment in EMT and Paramedic students but, because of our increased average age, we are seeing an increase demand for services. 

There is no silver bullet for solving this problem. The reasons for the shortage are debatable but include such things as poor pay, working conditions and schedules.

Rural areas such as our two counties are affected more so than Urban areas. I feel this is contributed by limited availability of paramedic education. We also have less younger people able and willing to consider EMT or Paramedic as a career option. 

To sum this up. I feel when you get to the root of the matter it is a supply and demand issue. We may want to consider higher wages, lower cost of training,  and improved schedules to make the career more appealing.  

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