We were the only state to lose population during the decade of 2000 thru 2010.  The decade that followed we gained little more than 100,000 residents.

Our forecast for the 2020 census is that our population will drop down to about 9.9 million. We continuously lose a seat in the House of Representatives every Census since the 1980 Census. The 2020 Census will not be any different. We will drop down from 14 to 13 representatives in the chamber and lose 1 Electoral College vote from 16 to 15. We were at a high of 19 in 1960 Census. 

We will have less of a say in Presidential elections and less representation in the Federal government. 

We need the types of jobs that attract the younger workforce. We need them to have families and raise their children here. We need to make Michigan more attractive for businesses to locate here to give a reason for people to want to make Michigan their home.

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